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Maternity Sessions - What to Expect

Each Shannon O'Hara experience begins with a conversation. Once you've contacted me, we will set up a time to meet in my studio. We'll go over your goals for the session, I'll provide my product sheet, we will choose a date and get the contract and deposit out of the way (I have to keep my lawyers and accountants happy, after all), and we'll discuss makeup, outfits, accessories and all the fun parts of your session. 


Many of the skirts, dresses, wraps and fabrics in my maternity and newborn portfolio are from my photography closet, maintained for client use. If you see something you'd like to wear, we'll set up a time for a fitting. I work with a seamstress as well, so if you like to shop (I certainly do!) we can browse through her boutique and find a dress and accessories for you. All of the headbands you see in my maternity sessions are handmade by me, customized to match the gown. 


I have relationships with makeup artists as well, and encourage my clients to take advantage of this service (it's included in your initial investment). If you're interested in doing so, we will coordinate with the makeup artist to come to your home the day of the session to polish and refine your look for the shoot.


Most of my clients take advantage of this, and after the session they go out for a nice dinner. Why not? You're dressed up, your makeup is done; you might as well finish off your experience by dining at your favorite restaurant.

What's Included with Your Investment

The creative fee investment of 300 includes the Photography Session and covers the time and talent of the photographer, the initial consultation and ordering session. I am a full-service photographer, so when we're finished you'll have artwork for your walls (not a disc to lose in the bottom of a drawer). Wall art begins at 250. If you are interested in images to share on social media, I can also provide low-resolution watermarked files for sharing with family and friends and/or a customized app for you to keep the artwork at your fingertips.


For clients who would prefer to create their own collection (instead of set packages I create, you choose which size artwork you want to display in your home), I offer a 20% savings. There are four categories of artwork to choose from: Wall Art, Albums, Gift Prints, Signature Albums. Choose from each category to receive the savings. Click here to start visualizing how the products I offer can be displayed in your home, by visiting my personalized inspiration guide for your home. 


I offer a range of products including albums, canvas, acrylic, fine art, and metallic prints. 


If you're reading this while you're expecting, please keep in mind if you book your maternity and Fresh 48 or Classic Newborn session during your initial consultation you'll receive a 10% savings.



What is Full-Service Photography?

As a full-service photographer, you and I will work together from the beginning planning stages of the shoot right through to the end when you will have custom artwork to display in your home. Photography is created to be shared - imagine passing down a custom album or framed piece to your grandchildren. The archival quality of the wall art I provide is intended to last 100 years with proper care.


I approach each session as a personalized experience created for each client and their family. As a full service photographer (this means I'm not going to hand you a disc and send you on your way to figure out printing and framing all by yourself, at the end of the experience you'll have completed art for your home), I will walk you through and guide you through the entire process.


My goal is to have fine art displayed in your home. If you're looking for inspiration before our consult, click here to visualize how products I offer can be arranged and beautifully displayed in your home. After the initial consult, we can also schedule for me to visit your home and advise on the best wall spaces to use and what sizes you'll need to achieve a stunning home gallery.