You cannot buy happiness, happiness is born

Welcome, baby!

The Fresh 48 session captures the first 24-48 hours of your new baby's life. Babies change so rapidly in the hours and first few days since birth, and my clients love reliving the birth, even though by the time they're reviewing the images - it was just a week ago. You will be in a haze of excitement, awe, and exhaustion so these first days can be a blur. My job for the Fresh 48 is to capture these irreplaceable moments so you may relive them for years to come. 


The success of a Fresh 48 session is based on communication and timing. My clients will call or text when they're heading into labor. Whether this shoot takes place at home, in the hospital or birth center, once labor has ended and your new bundle is warmly in your arms you'll give me a call within the first 48 hours of birth and I'll head over to you. I generally like to be there to shoot as soon as possible after the birth, the shoot will take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. This is a lifestyle session, it is not a posed newborn session (an example of the Benavides' family's Fresh 48 session can be seen here. And when I delivered our son, my friend and photographer Bree Davis was generous enough to capture these moments for my own family). I'll be quietly observing your growing family through my lens, capturing the early details and memories for generations.


After the shoot I will review the photography, and contact you to schedule your first view of your custom artwork. We'll meet at the studio and I'll reveal the artwork. We'll look through the photography together, choose your prints, and any additional products you'd like to display in your home. The ordering session is usually within a week of the shoot, and takes about an hour. I know you're excited to get the art in your home so I work quickly. We'll place the order for the products during this meeting.


Once the ordering session is complete, I will retouch the photography you've chosen to have created. I'll send the order, and generally the prints and products are delivered to me within 10 business days. I'll check them for quality and ensure they meet my standards, and deliver them to your home. 

What's Included with Your Investment

The creative fee investment of 500 includes includes the Photography Session, covers the time and talent of the photographer, as well as the initial consultation and ordering session. I am a full service photographer, so when we're finished you'll have artwork for your walls (not a disc to lose in the bottom of a drawer). Wall art begins at 250. If you are interested in images to share on social media, I can also provide low-resolution watermarked files for sharing with family and friends and/or a customized app for you to keep the artwork at your fingertips.


For clients who would prefer to create their own collection (instead of set packages I create, you choose which size artwork you want to display in your home), I offer a 20% savings. There are four categories of artwork to choose from: Wall Art, Albums, Gift Prints, Signature Albums. Choose from each category to receive the savings. 


I offer a range of products including albums, canvas, acrylic, fine art, and metallic prints. 


If you're reading this while you're expecting, please keep in mind if you book your maternity and Fresh 48 session during your initial consultation you'll receive a 10% savings.



What Is Full-Service Photography? 

Each one of my sessions begins with a conversation, so before the birth we'll have a consultation in my studio. During this consultation we'll go over your goals for the session, I'll provide my product sheet, you'll tell me all about your pregnancy, get the contract and deposit out of the way (I have to keep my lawyers and accountants happy, after all), and you'll give me a clear vision of your ideal birth plan.


As a full-service photographer, you and I will work together from the beginning planning stages of the shoot right through to the end when you will have custom artwork to display in your home. Photography is created to be shared - imagine passing down a custom album or framed piece to your grandchildren. The archival quality of the wall art I provide is intended to last 100 years with proper care.


I approach each session as a personalized experience created for each client and their family. As a full service photographer (this means I'm not going to hand you a disc and send you on your way to figure out printing and framing all by yourself, at the end of the experience you'll have completed art for your home), I will walk you through and guide you through the entire process.


My goal is to have fine art displayed in your home. If you're looking for inspiration before our consult, click here to visualize how products I offer can be arranged and beautifully displayed in your home. After the initial consult, we can also schedule for me to visit your home and advise on the best wall spaces to use, and what sizes you'll need to achieve a stunning home gallery.